Friday, February 26, 2010

Wedding AND Reception @ a Galveston Beach House Rental?

My fiance and I are planning to get married late this Fall. My family will be coming from out of town for the wedding, and we've thought about having a wedding in Galveston, on the beach, and renting a beach house in the same location.

Does anyone know laws/regulations in the Galveston area regarding the serving of alcohol at a beach home that is rented for a weekend, 'noise' regulations, etc?

I mean, we're not going to have a huge crazy party, but we want our guests to enjoy themselves.

Any info/help/links is appreciated.Wedding AND Reception @ a Galveston Beach House Rental?
check out this siteWedding AND Reception @ a Galveston Beach House Rental?
Galveston beaches have both alcohol and no alcohol beaches depends on if it's a government beach or private beach. You would need to check with the homeowner or their homeowners association to the neighborhood deed restrictions
ask the owners of the house
Oh... I feel your pain on your hunt for a beach house that will accomodate both your ceremony AND reception!!! I must have called on at least 50 homes before finding one that would allow us to have our wedding there! If I am remembering right, I was told that Galveston has a rental association that regulates the rental of the beach homes in an effort to keep Galveston family friendly %26amp; the area great for the residents. The rule was that you can only have as many guests at the home at one time, that the home accomodates/ sleeps (and if you have more than you run the risk of being kicked out). You might want to look in Surfside (if you are willing to drive the distance- they do not have these regulations). The best place I found that WILL allow you to have a small wedding %26amp; Barbara is a pleasure to work with:

I believe that serving alcohol is fine as long as you are obeying the age laws...

Hope this helps!!!

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